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Welcome to my personal website! This is where I'll be posting some of my DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, which can be classified in three different categories: Speakers, Amplifiers, and Home Theater.

I usually like to come up with my own designs, even though I often carefully study how more experienced diyers handle or solve certain problems. I find that I learn better and faster that way, and since I have a definite notion - my own notion - of how music sounds like, I can make certain modifications to attain the goal of duplicating (in my dreams!) the sound of live instruments. I often hear fellow diyers complaining about the sound being too bright or too dull after they duplicate a design. Well, everyone's ears are different, so learn to listen to music.
How I Started Enjoying Music
When I was younger, I didn't really know how to enjoy music. Yes, I listened to the radio, to records, and tapes, but didn't have any idea what real music sounded like. An old friend of mine then suggested that I went out and bought a good recording of Beethoven No. 5. I proceeded to play it on a rinky-dinky phonograph, and wasn't happy at all with the sound. Then one day, it dawned on me that the only way to hear what real music sounds like is to listen to live music, on live instruments, in a quality concert hall. Well, to make a long story short, I'm really lucky to live in Orange County, CA, where the Orange County Performing Arts Center makes its home. So my recommendation to people who often ask "Which pair of speakers do I buy?", is really simple: go buy a pair of tickets at the nearest concert hall, and listen to a good piece of classical music.
- Updated June 08, 2008 -

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