DIY Home Theater
This was a bedroom before it was turned into a home theater. It took us 3 months to finish the work: we took out the closet, closet doors, and painted the ceiling flat navy blue, the walls flat burgundy. The carpet was replaced to match the ceiling color.

Video equipment: NEC HT1000 high definition projector, Panamorph anamorphic lens, Samsung digital set top box, Bravo D2 DVD player. The 100" screen is made from actual screen material from Dazian Fabrics, and bordered by Home Depot baseboard.


Audio equipment: Pioneer VSX-1014TX-K with 110W x 7 and THX certification (not pictured), Sonance 200W subwoofer, Infiniti speakers.

Furniture: Leather reclining home theater seats, fitted with 4 bass shakers wired in series-parallel and powered by 25W subwoofer plate amplifier. The replica gun and samurai sword are both bought on eBay.

DIY Home Theater II
The new and improved Home Theater II! I'm so excited about this room. This is where daddy is going to test his speakers and watch his movies without interruptions (good luck!). Dimensions are 23' X 13'. The 16:9 screen is 124" diagonal, and viewing distance a good 18' away. The paint scheme really brings out the room, and everyone had a blast with the funky carpeting. I did some room treatments with acoustic panels to lessen reverberations, and I'm thinking about doing the same for the ceiling, just above the screen.
Video: The projector is the Mitsubishi HC3000 with the BrilliantColor DLP chip. Native resolution is 720p (can't afford the new 1080p machines). I ran all the wires in the attic, from the projector, through the walls, down to the outlets. Connections include HDMI, component, S-Video, and composite. The color is just incredible, with real dark blacks. The DVD player is the Sony 1080p Bluray BDP-301S, connected via HDMI.
Audio: The receiver is the old reliable Pioneer VSX-1014 with THX that handled my 4-ohm MTMs with ease. Speakers are the old Infinity crap, while I straighten up my garage and finish the RS180/H1212 MTMs and the 10" RSHF subs.